Most cannabis consumers have no idea where their cannabis really comes from. The variety of products in this industry can be overwhelming. Educational, trustworthy resources are limited. As a consumer, I’ve always cared about the ingredients and processes behind the products I used, so it made perfect sense to get conscious about my cannabis.

As I dove deeper into cannabis, I learned that everything I consumed was crawling with chemicals. That scared me. I started visiting clean cannabis farms and was fascinated by how these incredible artisans were going the extra mile to produce products in truly sustainable and clean ways.

When I experienced the difference, I couldn’t go back to using questionable products. There was a whole community of businesses that make natural, clean, and ethically produced cannabis products around- but no resource to showcase these brands and connect them to curious consumers.There was a critical need I was driven to fulfill. And thus, BUSHL was born.


Most people have no idea where their cannabis comes from or how it's grown. The variety of cannabis products available has become overwhelming, and educational trustworthy resources are rare. While still a new industry, it’s not like any other in the world. Being health conscious consumers ourselves, we’ve always cared about the ingredients and processes behind the foods and skincare products we buy, so it was only natural to feel the same about cannabis.

We quickly learned most cannabis products are covered in toxic chemicals. We started to look for clean cannabis farms and were overwhelmed to meet such incredible artisans going the extra mile to produce premium products, in truly sustainable and clean ways.

And then we smoked it. The difference was more than obvious and we were hooked. There's a whole community of cannabis businesses that go above and beyond to make ethically produced, clean cannabis and we're making sure people know about them. BUSHL is introducing, educating, and helping people get good, clean highs.

our team

joshua bareket, founder

When I was 16 years old I was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis. I was forced, for the better, to change my teenage diet from processed, preserved foods, to strictly organic vegetables. At this time, I also began using cannabis to combat the nausea, violent cramps, and upset stomachs the disease was causing. I was able to see first hand how important organic food was for my health, as well as the positive affect cannabis had on my symptoms.

As I grew into a staunch believer in the power of diet and cannabis, I knew I had to do something I was passionate about in this new industry. It is imperative for consumers to have access to clean, pesticide-free products - whether for medicine or recreation. That’s why I started BUSHL - to bring clean products to the cannabis community.