What values does Bull Run stand for? 
Bull Run Craft Cannabis is locally owned, owner operated and steadfast about implementing sustainable cultivation practices with minimal environmental impact. 

What's your favorite thing about being in the industry? 
We love what we grow, the products we're developing, and all the amazing people in the cannabis industry - especially our customers!

What strain are you looking forward to the most from your outdoor harvest? 
The product we're most excited about is our new Lil' Buddies 1/2 gram pre-rolls because 10% of every sale is directed towards helping rescue animals find Forever Homes, which is something we're all passionate about because we all have rescue dogs in our Furry Farm Family. 

Tell us about your biggest challenge in the industry and how you handle it. 
Receiving recognition for growing without chemicals or synthetic pesticides has been difficult. It's much easier and cheaper for some growers to use these shortcuts, which we refuse. We've met this challenge by educating the retail buyers and consumers. We love to do in-store "vendor days where we can discuss our growing methods directly with consumers. We like to play a game called "the nose knows" where we open a jar of our craft flower and have a customer inhale deeply. Because our flower is full of beautiful terpenes, your nose will be happy and the smoking experience will be enhanced and a positive one! 

What special processes do you use to grow? 
Bull Run Craft Cannabis' farm and flowers are all Certified Kind, which is the leader in organic certification in the state of Oregon. Our flower is cultivated without the use of pesticides, synthetics, or salts. We use locally sources materials from the West Coast and we do it without using heavy animal-based nutrients like bone of blood meal. Start to finish, all of BRCC's cannabis is grown with organic, non-GMO amendments. We believe in growing cannabis through living-soil cultivation practices, and we brew our own comport tease (in-house) to help our fertile soil process organic nutrients. We like to keep it simple and let nature take over.