How did you first get started in the cannabis industry?

In 2010, I moved to Seattle for art school and had no idea I would be engulfed into the MMJ community. It was an amazing time for medical cannabis in Seattle - the community was really tight-knit, supportive and growing fast. My boyfriend (now husband) and I were growing in our basement in Beacon Hill, I was taking a lot of photos of the process when I met the founders of Dope Magazine right after the launch of their first issue. I ended up becoming their lead photographer for five years and got to know the industry really well inside and out. At the same time, we were evolving and expanding TKO Reserve as a medical grow.

We know the cannabis industry to be particularly progressive towards female entrepreneurs. About a quarter of all legal cannabis businesses are owned or founded by women. How has this impacted you personally and as a businesswoman? 

It’s been a very empowering experience. I started in this industry when I was 18, so I was pretty young and still figuring out my big-picture life goals. I couldn’t have asked for a better learning experience about myself, business and the world as a whole. After the obstacles and challenges that I’ve been through pioneering in a nascent industry, I feel like I can take on anything!