After nearly a decade, I thought I knew a lot about the cannabis I was consuming. Turns out, I didn't, and most of us don’t know as much as we think we do about what’s really in our cannabis - at no fault to us, the information is just not readily available for us curious consumers.

I’ve always been the type of person that cares about the food I eat or the skin products I put on my body so it only made sense for me to be curious about what was going into the cannabis I consumed, too. I had so many questions; what are the different ways to grow the plants? How does each method impact the flower itself? Do growers spray chemical pesticides on their plants? Do they use artificial GMO nutrients? The list went on… I started Googling around for some answers and ended up calling some farmers and dispensaries directly. I couldn’t believe how much detail and care was being put into their craft. I was stunned. Just recently learning about these incredible artisans ignited a fire in me. Just knowing how difficult it was to find this kind of information in the first place, we built Bushl to provide the information that defines brands and their products, but most importantly, for consumers to know what they're putting in their bodies.

I started Bushl with the goal of creating a marketplace where consumers are empowered to be conscious about the products they purchase, how they are made, and what they’re made of, directly from the artisans themselves.

The industry is growing quickly, it’s creating a lot of noise; gaining new businesses every day. As a consumer, we are inundated with different brands and it’s hard to access reliable information on where all of these products come from

Bushl lives and breathes the importance of Conscious Cannabis and we work closely with businesses whose products are created consciously too. We pride ourselves on being a reliable resource to discover and learn about brands that go the extra mile to produce products that are devoid of pesticides, grown in a sustainable way, and created by people that follow ethical business practices. Bushl gives those brands a place to share their story and their values directly with you.

As a company, we’re constantly pushing to further the industry and help provide the education we find necessary for consumers to make confident purchase decisions. We hold the brands we work with to a high standard so you can get high knowing your cannabis is clean, in compliance with the environment, and benefits the cannabis community as a whole.

- Josh, Founder of Bushl